I am a Fashion/Portrait Photographer.

I have always been fascinated with photography ever since I first laid eyes on that little black box. The art of seeing made my world a magical place where I could express and share my own universe.

My love for photography began at a young age. I grew up far away from the city, where there wasn’t much to do but to wonder how the world was.

One day my father brought me to a field and introduced me to this most amazing invention; the camera. I was hooked instantly, almost… in those days it wasn’t instantaneous, we had to send or process film. Once it came back, a few weeks later, my life was ignited with the passion of photography.


I am currently booking photoshoots in Japan for my LOVE HOTEL SERIES,contact me to be part of the series. Models, Makeup Artists, Stylists are welcomed to contact me. 

Currently booking for 2018.


L-A Paquette